Why Choose Us?


We stand behind the quality of our services every time, no matter the subject or difficulty.


Every word you read in the paper we’ve written is original, every thought is unique.


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We will protect your personal information like a vault in Fort Knox. No personal information will ever leak, unless you say so.


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Details Followed by Our Text Rewriter

While rewriting texts there are certain things our text rewriter keeps in mind that helps you get more people to read about your businesses or publication.

These are as follows:

  • Our writers strictly avoid plagiarism. If the rewritten content is copied, it is meaningless to rewrite it. We take the details about your business and rewrite it.
  • Rewritten text is short, accurate, and consists of sentences that draw your attention.
  • Written sentences are simple, without exaggerated words, so that people can easily understand them.
  • Forms are performed according to their preference and style.
  • If you want, you can take advantage of additional research on your project.

We do not believe in false claims that we provide 100% of the original research papers / articles like everyone else. Our prices are naturally lower because the original study is not usually involved in paraphrasing work. Our customers provide us with content and we simply substitute it. By writing high-level phrases, you can increase the idea of launching a portal that offers only low-cost, high-end exchanger services, a portal that does not claim fake promises to provide original documents / documents. In addition, most paper mills use the old paper name to replace old documents or create a custom order. But we do not do this at all.We made it clear that we offer a high level of expressive service and we do not sell fake promises.

How are we Different?

    Rephrasing Tool is different from other paraphrasing websites because we:

  • are the pioneer of this concept – the first ever portal of paraphrasing service
  • keep all details and content confidential
  • don’t share any content with anyone except writers
  • provide human paraphrasing – don’t use any software for paraphrasing
  • never resell content
  • paraphrase completely to avoid plagiarism or content matching instances
  • have kept our prices low
  • always deliver within deadlines
  • provide prompt customer service
  • offer free revision within 7 days of receiving a completed order

Our Customers

Our clients are mainly in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Most of our customers are college and business professionals who are looking for affordable, high-quality services.

Absolute Legal Status

Paraphrasing is absolutely legal if it is properly done and contains all the original sources used in it. No one can claim it as an illegal work when sources are properly cited. Our paraphrased work is 100% legal and can be used anywhere in the world.


To, become the 1st in providing the paraphrased content.