Preventing Plagiarism

Paraphrasing is the best method to prevent plagiarism from taking place. A student or an author has the responsibility to work on his or her own project. He or she must study up all the sources that he intends to include in the paper, and study up on any copyright issues pertaining to it.

The author has the responsibility to use proper English, and learn about different aspects of plagiarism. Since unintentional plagiarism occurs commonly, it is important that students study up on the issues and problems related to paraphrasing and plagiarism before attempting a paper. Nowadays, there are many plagiarism detection software for free available on the internet. Any student who wants to make sure he has not unintentionally plagiarized his work may check at these sites, and make corrections before submission. Mostly, when students understand the proper methods of paraphrasing and identifying types of plagiarism, they are able to prevent any such occurrences.

What is Law of Plagiarism?

It is vital to understand that plagiarism is not simply a matter of copying and pasting a student’s work rather it is a serious offence and a crime that has its own specific laws and guidelines.

Till today, there is no law is available that states that copying is absolutely prohibited. The reason is simple that academics need to link other studies, ideas and concepts with their original work to forward a work in progress in a particular field. Therefore, creating comparisons and analogies is important in any original academic paper.

Consequences of Plagiarism

The impact is the integrity of the author or the student himself. By committing plagiarism, the person stands to be considered guilty of plagiarism by intent.

The publishing company may not allow such mishaps to take place, and it will remain a serious allegation for the author to face. The author may be banned for a certain time if any plagiarism instance is detected in his work. On the other hand, the student may stand to be eliminated from the university, and may be banned from entering any other educational institute.

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